Genre: Short, Drama, Slow Cinema


Time: 18 min. 29 sek.


Director: Jakob Valdemar Mørk

Language: Danish


Subtitles: English

Completion date: January 1st 2019


Production company: New Tales



'Sofie': Lucia Vinde Dirchsen


Director: Jakob Valdemar Mørk

Writer: Jakob Valdemar Mørk, Frederik Rye

Producer: Mette Mikkelsen, Jakob Valdemar Mørk

Photo/Lights: Andreas Merrald,
Christine Wennerstrøm Radl

Sound design: Jeppe Emil Lindskov

Editor: Sebastian C. Christensen

Colorist: Lasse Selvli

Production Leader: Andreas U. Sandau,
Jacob Meier

Production Designer: Simone Mørch Jensen


Sofie has dropped out of university and later ended up in an existential vacuum in which everyday life is marked by discouragement, stagnation and despair over how she must reinvent herself.

In glimpses we are invited into Sofie's monotonous everyday life, consisting of long mornings, TV shows under the sheet, bowling when the girlfriends have time, triviality at work and insomnia until late night. We are allowed to dwell on Sofie and study key feelings like frustration, powerlessness and feeling like the smallest person in the world, just emerging in a state of crisis when the awareness of future career begins to occur.

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Jakob Valdemar Mørk was born in 1994 in Skærbæk. He attended the European Film College in 2016-17, where his final film 'What We Lose' was shortlisted for a Robert and a Student BAFTA. 'While' is his latest movie as a director.

A Film By

Jakob Valdemar Mørk


Mette Mikkelsen

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