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Running time: 10 min 

Type: Hand made puppet stop motion animation 

Language: Ancient Scandinavian (no dialoge)

Country of origin: Denmark

Screening format(s): DCP, H.264, H265

Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1

Sound: Stereo  

Copyright | © New Tales 2020


TOTEM is the story of a little woman seeking a totem animal. She selects a giant wild boar, and decides to tame it. But the boar’s strength and brutality is too much for the warlike hunter, and she gets swallowed by the animal. But down in the stomach she hears the animal’s heart beating, and she decides to fight her way out, whatever it takes.  

 Director: Katrine Glenhammer


Produer: Jonathan Langelund

Animator: Sabine Pedersen, Christophe Peladan Anna Bonnen

Scenographer and set-builder: Marinanne Glenhammer

Puppets by: Katrine Glenhammer and Ida A. Jakobsen

Editor: David Wedel

Compositor: Asger Kjærholm, Emma Frøslev Lundsby

Matte painting: Niels Glenhammer Vestergaard

Colorgrade: Jian Zhi hang

Composer and Sound designer: Nikolas Vetterli

Consultants: Johan Oettinger, Henrik Højer, Rune Lünell, Christophe Peladan


Katrine Glenhammer (1992) PBA in Multiplatform Storytelling and Production, Aarhus 2018.

"Miniatures and the textual feel of stop motion has always facinated me. I didn’t plan on making films in that genre, until I got the urge to work with a more controlled environment, from lights and sets to movement of the “actors’.

I was an intern at Wiredfly Animation in 2017 where I got to work on stop motion studio as a puppet builder. Here the idea of TOTEM was born and begin to take shape, and now with the supervision of Johan Oettinger (Seven Minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto, 2015) CEO of Wiredfly it's really moving ahead!

I made a couple of short stop motion films ("I Felt" 2015, "Cinema" 2016 and "Falder" 2018 for Shaka Loveless) to get to know and understand the complexity of visual story telling. Now I can't wait to present my first real debut, TOTEM, to the world."

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