Break the code - save your life



Ignus: Rudi Køhnke

Talya: Simone Lykke

Dr. Redfield: Camilla Gottlieb



Director: Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen

Script: Mads Zaar Riisberg

Producer: Jonathan Langelund

DOP: Kim Jean Skovgaard Karlsen

1.AD: Niklas Kiær

Production manager: Mie Gregersen

Light design: Torben Frøstrup

Editor: Søren Schneider

Composer: Aaron James Eckardt

Sound design: Peter Seeba


Genre: short, sci-fi, horror

Running time: 20:45 min

Screening format: DCP / High Res Quicktime

Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1

Shooting format: Red 4K

Sound: Stereo / 5.1 Surround Sound

Year: 2018

Language: English (UK/DK subtitles)

Production company: New Tales & figment 

in collaboration with 3D College


In a strange, dark asylum, a brilliant physicist with no memory, sits incarcerated. One thing occupies his mind: escaping - to what or where, he has no clue. Haunted day and night, by creatures that roam the halls - or his imagination, he scribbles equations on every surface of his his cell. Not knowing whether he is insane, or on to something truly groundbreaking, every combination of symbols etched onto the walls might be the key to his escape, or just his madness laughing back at him.

One day he has a breakthrough…


Henrik hails from Denmark where he started his career as a visual effects artist working in advertising. In 2008 he directed his first short film 'E.T.A.' which went on to win several awards including 'Best Talent' at Aarhus Film Festival.

In 2011 he directed the satirical mockumentary 'Born Again' which picked up the 'Best Short' award at BUTFF in Amsterdam and was the 'Runner Up' at Born Shorts in Denmark. His short 'Lucid' was released in 2015, picking up 'Best Actor' awards in 2015 and 2016 and 'Best Microfilm' at the Independent Days festival in Germany in 2016. In 2016 he directed the proof of concept trailer 'Arene' which won 'Best Trailer' at CIFF in Canada and 'Best Action/Adventure' at Asians On Film in the US.


"By blending two genres; science fiction and the psychological thriller, and by having our amnesiac hero trapped in a space station orbiting Saturn, this furthers his disbelief of his surroundings and makes him question reality as well as his own sanity at every turn. My goal with the film is to entertain and surprise the audience, and show them a glimpse of a world that they have not experienced before. Creatively I enjoy building a world from the ground up, and then figuring out how to execute it in a way that transcends the budget. A prerequisite for me when making a film is that I have to learn something while doing it and push myself creatively. Standing still is pointless."



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