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a documentary by
Laurits Helligsøe


genre: short, documentary

duration: 20 min

language: English

subtitles: English

country: Denmark


completion date: august 26 2021

production company: New Tales

the film

featuring:              Hayley Newman

                                Eliot Newman

                                Nanna Lindbæk Qvesel

                                Kim Hedestrand

                                Anne Smith

                                Christophe Peladan

director and photographer: Laurits Helligsøe

producer: Mette Mikkelsen

editor: Sofie Lyngholm Sørensen

sound: Freja Printz Ringbæk

composer: Mathias Gaarde Mikkelsen

illustrator: Ask Markmann Jensen

colourist: Mamoun Abufarha

additional photographers: Lill Claus Hagedorn 

                                                 Anders Vinther Lauridsen 

                                                 Lakstein Fernandes


Since Hayley moved from England to Viborg, her concern for the climate has grown. She has a 6-year-old son named Elliot, and she fears for his future. Therefore Hayley has become an activist for the first time ever. The climate movement Extinction Rebellion, which started in London in 2018, has spread all over the world - and in Viborg, Hayley has helped start up a small local unit. They are planning a roadblock on a heavily trafficked road where, wearing bee costumes, the activists want to draw attention to the biodiversity crisis and the extreme weather conditions that threaten future generations. But it can be daunting to be an activist when you are only a few people, and Hayley begins to question whether it is at all possible to practice civil disobedience in calm and peaceful Denmark.

the director

Laurits Helligsøe (2000) is an upcoming documentary film director from Aarhus, Denmark. He made his first documentary at the film school, DOX: WORLD where he graduated from in 2018. Since then he has directed the short documentary, “Grandpa is Moving Out?”, which was nominated for Best Short Documentary at the Danish Film Academy Awards 2020. 

Mette Mikkelsen

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