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Genre: Drama, Arthouse
Length: 73 minutes
Director: Alexander Bak Sagmo

Producer: Mette Mikkelsen

Cast: Nicklas Søderberg Lundstrøm, Marie Tourell Søderberg, Marie Louise Wille, Iulia Sima & Claus Flygare

Produced by New Tales & ANTI FILM

Platform: Cimena & Streaming


Nicklas Søderberg Lundstrøm

Nicklas Søderberg Lundstrøm (1986) has an education from The Danish National School of Performing Arts in Odense. He is known for his role in ”Supervoksen” and later on for his role in ”Sommer”. Nicklas plays the main character Nick in NEEDLE BOY.
(Photo: Martin Dam Kristensen)

Marie Tourell Søderberg

Marie Tourell Søderberg (1988) graduated from The Danish National School of Performing Arts in Odense in 2012. She has amongst other things participated in a number of danish Tv-shows and the movie ”Spies og Glistrup”, where she portrayed Jannie Spies.

(Photo: Isak Hoffmeyer)
Marie Louise Wille (1970) graduated from The Danish National School of Performing Arts in Odense in 2002. She played Mille Kaiser in the drama series ”Sommer” from 2008. She has recently been nominated for a Reumert for best female lead in the controversial show "All My Dreams Come True" by Christian Lollike.
(Photo: Isak Hoffmeyer)

Marie Louise Wille

Mathias Sprogøe Fletting

Mathias Sprogøe Fletting (1988) graduated from The Danish National School of Performing Arts in Aarhus in 2016. Besides his role in NEEDLE BOY, he has acted in the family show "Snehvide" at Grønnegårdsteatret in Copenhagen.
(Photo: Emilia Therese)
Lea Baastrup Rønne (1988) is in her 4th year at The Danish National School of Performing Arts in Odense. Lea has acted in several danish movies, including ”Klovn” from 2010, ”2 ryk og en aflevering” from 2003 and ”MollyCam” from 2008, where she played the main character Molly. In addition to this, she has acted in many theather shows.
(Photo: Martin Dam Kristensen)

Lea Baastrup Rønne

Claus Flygare

Claus Flygare (1945) is an experienced actor and playwright. Claus has among other things acted in ’Riget’ from 1997, the theaterversion of Thomas Vinterbergs ’The Celebration’ from 2002, as well as’Brothers’ from 2004. Claus is a well versed writer and director. He received the Reumert award as Playwright of the Year in 2008. 
(Photo: Jeppe Carlsen)
Iulia Sima (1988) began her actress career as an extra in the movie 'Lev Stærkt', which led to her landing the lead in the poetic film 'Appelsiner og Lygtepæle'. Iulia has spent the last half a year writing and instructing her own movies at Potemkin Film in Aarhus, where she begins her education as a director in the masterclass course in the new year.

Iulia Sima

Ulrik Waarli Grimstad

Ulrik Waarli Grimstad (1986) has an education from The Danish National School of Performing Arts in Aarhus. Ulrik has been working with director Alexander Sagmo on several occations, and has previously acted in his short films 'Den Endelige Løsning' (2013) and 'Reproduction' (2013).


Alexander Sagmo

Alexander Bak Sagmo (1992) was born and raised in Frederikshavn, where he began making films at the age of 16. His main focus has been on directing, aesthetics and manuscripts.  Alexander has gained experience through his work, but also by adapting manuscripts, music videos, theater and dancing. He will soon graduate from the alternative film school Super8. Needle Boy is his debut feature film.

Producer: Mette Mikkelsen Executive Producers: Peter Hyldahl, Morten Hartz Kaplers, Mette Mikkelsen, Alexander Bak Sagmo Scriptwriters: Troels Engelbrecht & Alexander Sagmo Photografer: André Hansen, Lights: Kasper Morville & Kevin Pedersen Colorgrader: Edoardo Rebecchi Editor: Marion Tuor, BFS Sound Design: Eske Nørholm Composer: Jacob Hvid Amstrup Scenografer: Louise Kongsted Caster: Tine Hinzel Thomsen Assistant producers: Camilla Sunesen, Martin Thomsen Production leaders: Jenny Thybo Geertsen, Camilla Sunesen Productionscoordinatorer: Camilla Sunesen, Iben Søtang Jacobsen Location managers: Troels Engelbrecht, Carl Emil Malmos Assisting location managers: Martin Fugl Chabert, Maja Hviid Location scout: Lasse Tvillum Toft Productionassistants: Emma Fredslund Poppe, Amalie Asmild, Mia Joanna Koskela Michaelsen, Alice Sahinkuye, Julie Iwinski, Asbjørn Høgstad Kelstrup, Lars Huulgaard, Tue Kujahn Producerassistants: Maja Hviid, Maja Toft Andersen, Stinne Faldborg Jørgensen Casting assistants: Nina May Knudsen, Stinne Faldborg Jørgensen, Josephine Maria Leopold, Casting coordinatorer: Mie Iversen, Jacob Løfdahl, Casting photografer: Benjamin Frydenlund, Rasmus Wittrup, Christian Voldborg Andersen Extras coordinator: Tine Hinzel Thomsen Extras coordinator assistants: Stinne Faldborg Jørgensen, Josephine Maria Leopold Grafiker: Mads Dalsgaard Nielsen PR during production: Tine Hinzel, Maj Nørgaard Christiansen, Christian Granhøj Skouboe 1st AD: Mikkel Vind Vogt, Troels Engelbrecht Assistant to director: Anna Brynskov Scripter: Tine Ræbild Poulsen Scriptconsultants: Kim Leona, Eini Carina Photografer assistants: Mikkel Søby Dalbøge, Rasmus Christiansen, André Staal Still Photografer: Henriette Wybrandt Light assistants: Rasmus Christiansen, Mie Køngerskov Assembly Editor: Marios Kleftakis Editor consultants Jacob Schulsinger, Morten Højbjerg Editor assistant: Matthias Bitsch Nejsum DIT: Benjamin Høgh, Matthias Bitsch Nejsum Foley & sound mix: Eske Nørholm Supervising sound designer: Roar Skau soundassisttants: Peter Seeba Sound design on set: Nicole Pedersen Assistant sound designer on set: Simon Oxholm Boomer: Jeppe Bjerrum Dialogue editor: Peter Seeba, Michael Fischerson Music supervision: Emil Sørensen Prop master: Freja Maag Behrend Assistant prop master: Thor Hedegaard Bested, Asbjørn Høgstad Kelstrup, Thilde Tornbjerg Make-up: Beinta Thomsen, Assistant make-up-artist: Sofie Stenholdt Special effects make-up: Martin Hansen Assistant special effects make-up: Dorte Pedersen, Mathilde Krogh

"Needle Boy takes a fearless look at the dark side of humanity and the lead actor makes a lasting impression"


PRESS "A needle in a haystack"

November 01, 2016

Review: ***** (5 stars)

Soundvenue: "Schoolmassakre and

explicit sex in this new danish talents extraordinary film"

November 17, 2016

Review: **** (4 stars)

Århus Stiftstidende: "Aarhus film incaptures evil"

December 02, 2016


Ekko: "2016 equals

feminism, 2017

equals art"

December 22, 2016





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