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My First Love

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Genre: Short, Drama

Duration 17min

Language: Danish

Subtitles: English

Country: Denmark/Sweden


Completion date: 20/08/2020 

Production Company: New Tales

The Film


Teresa Brolin Tani

Alvin Olid Bursøe

Clint Ruben

Nanna Elisabeth Eide

Sarah Francesca Brænne


Director and Writer: Beata Rappe

Producer: Mette Mikkelsen

DOP: André Hansen

Light: Anders Sebastian Zinck
Sound on set: Freja Printz Ringbæk

Sound Design and Mix: Benjamin Rozilio

Editor: Sofie Lyngholm Sørensen


A young woman is in love with a man she has only met once. Desperate for his touch, she goes out in the night to find him – whether he wants it or not… 

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The Director

Beata Rappe (1992) is born and raised in Stockholm. In 2012, she started studying film at the European Film College (Ebeltoft, Denmark) later followed by the Stockholm Film School. Beata has since worked actively in the industry, and at the same time has written & directed short films in both Sweden and Denmark. A red thread in her project is the exploration of mental illness and characters who take the immoral paths to reach their goals. Her debut film "A Mother’s Embrace" focuses on mental health in close relationships and won awards in Sweden, Denmark and Palestine.

A film by

Beata Rappe


Mette Mikkelsen

© 2020 New Tales