Lost & Found

[The art of remembering]

A documentary by
Jannik Splidsboel

The Film

Genre: Documentary

Runtime: 52 minutes

Language: Danish

Subtitles: English

Country: Denmark


Completion date: TBA

Production Company: New Tales

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When Danish rockband Dial Zero started their self-funded US tour in 2007, a young Cameraman joined the band in LA. When they finally reached NYC, the Guitarist had a mental melt down, the band became a trio and eventually split up. Twelve years later the footage from the fatal road trip was found in a plastic bag in an office in LA. Lost & Found is a film about broken dreams, lost friendship and what you choose to remember.



Christian Hansen

Jesper Rasmussen

Morten Krogh Helgesen

Casper Lerkilde


Director: Jannik Splidsboel

Producers: Mette Mikkelsen & Jannik Splidsboel

Editor: Jarivan Ahmad
Editing consultant: Mette Esmark

Sound supervisor: Freja Printz 

Sound assistant: Benjamin Kamp Rozilio

Produced by: New Tales

Co-produced by: Tulip Pictures

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The Director
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(Photo: Claudio Torchia)

Jannik Splidsboel (b. 1964) has studied art and film in both Denmark and Italy. Furthermore, he has a master in communication. After his studies he worked as an assistant director/line producer on a number of international productions, as well as a creative producer for, amongst others, RAI og Canal +. He has worked professionally in over 40 countries all over the world. Jannik has directed an impressive number of international short and documentary films, including  How Are You (2011) and Misfits (2015). Both were selected for Berlinalens Panorama. Moreover, a number of his other films have been selected to and won prizes at various film festivals. A few of the most recent examples are, Between Here & Now, which had world premiere at BFI Flare in London in 2018, Dreams from the Outback, which premiered at the main competition at Visions du Réel 2019, and his latest film Being Eriko, which premiered at CPH:DOX in 2020. Jannik’s films have been screened at more than 300 festivals and distributed internationally.


Other than making his own films, Jannik has produced a selected few documentaries and art films in his own production company Turnip Pictures based in Italy.

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Mette Mikkelsen

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