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Genre: Short, Drama

Runtime: 27 minutes

Language: Danish

Subtitles: English

Country: Denmark


Completion date: 21/08/2020 

Production Company: New Tales

The Film
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Roberta Hilarius Reichhardt
Patrick A. Hansen

Lasse Steen Jensen
Morten Kjær
Anne Laybourn
Anna Nøhr Tolstrup



Director: Kasper Møller Rask
Producer: Mette Mikkelsen
Editor: Sofie Lyngholm Sørensen
DOP: Anders Bachmann
Sound supervisor: Freja Printz Ringbæk

Sound design: Freja Printz Ringbæk & Mathias Gaarde Mikkelsen
Composer: Mathias Gaarde Mikkelsen & Simon Oxholm

Colourist: Simon Dræby Carstens
Production coordinator: Joachim Berg Nielsen

B photographer: Jakob Daell Leineweber
Light: Alfred Rubin
Extras coordinator: Ann-Sofie Grøndal

Motion Graphics: Oliver Dinesen
Runner: Josefine Frøkjær-Jensen

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The young influencer Eja Okay has hundreds of thousands of followers but that's not enough. She also wants to be a singer - or maybe an actor. However, she quickly finds that the road to fame is difficult, and so she starts telling a series of lies in an attempt to get to the top faster.

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The Director

Kasper Møller Rask (1993) was born and raised in a small fishing village in Northern Denmark, where he started making films as a child. His main focus is to show the contrasts between the ordinary world and our dreams, and he describes his own filmic style as “seriously playful”. His work has been nominated for several awards, and his latest short film November is nominated as “Short Film of The Year” by The Danish Film Academy.

A film by
Kasper Møller Rask

Mette Mikkelsen

© 2020 New Tales